Support and assistance

Chat channel

The course has a support chat channel in Telegram. We suggest that you use the channel either with Telegram's web browser client or with Telegram's desktop application.

You can join the channel through this link: You can access the web browser client here:

There's also an off-topic channel for conversation that isn't directly connected to the course:

The participants in the channel are fellow students and volunteer course assistants. The channel's activity is based on voluntary assistance. Please also help other students on the channel when you can.

If you ask for help in the channel, you may add a link to your program code. You can get a link to your code in NetBeans by pressing "TMC" —> "Send code to pastebin" and then selecting "Send" from the opened view. After you've sent the code, a new view should show up with the link to your code, which you can then share on the channel when you're asking for help.


You can reach course staff by email using address Feel free to write in English or in Finnish.


You can visit the course workshop for a good environment to do programming exercises with other students as well as receive assistance regarding the course and its exercises! The workshop is located at the Exactum building on University of Helsinki's Kumpula campus. Everyone is welcome to the workshop!

Disclaimer: While course assistants speak finnish don't be afraid to ask in english if you don't know finnish!

The location of Exactum and directions to it can be found here.

The workshop is held in classroom BK107 right next to Exactum's UniCafe. You can consult the info screen at Exactum's lobby to view an exact location. You may also ask the building porter as well as campus staff and students.

This spring's workshop opening times are marked in the table below. The times may change as the course progresses, so please check the table before visiting the workshop.