Exam 05.09

The exam is only for residents of Finland


  • You can take part in the exam after you've completed at least 25% from each part


  • The exam is done in the same manner as the course exercises inside netbeans
  • The exam can be taken on 05.09 between 10:00-22:00 finnish time
  • You have 4 hours to complete the exam
  • The exam ends 22:00. If you wish to use the full 4 hours start before 18:00

Downloading exam templates (before exam)

  • Open TMC-setting inside netbeans
  • Change the organization to university of helsinki (Helsingin yliopisto)
  • Choose the course Java Programming 2 exam 05.09.2020
  • Download the exercise templates

Exercise descriptions and starting the exam

  • Exercise descriptions appear on https://exams.mooc.fi/fi on exam day
  • Login with your usual mooc.fi credentials
  • Choose Java Programming 2 05.09.2020
  • The exam begins when you click on the start button

Submitting the exercises

  • Exercises are submitted the same as the course exercises
  • Exam exercises do not have automatic tests
  • Submissions beyond the exam time leads to disqualification

Ending the exam

  • Before ending submit all the exercises one more time withing the time limit
  • After completion you can close the browser. No other procedures necessary.


  • Results will be delivered by email after grading is finished
  • Instructions on registering the course are in the email
  • Registering entails signing up for the course in open university


  • You may use usual methods of searching for informations such as google.
  • In case you run in to problems visit our telegram-channel